At Kidron Town & Country, you’ll find Wayne County’s finest bulk food store.   Whether buying bulk to take advantage of value pricing or to prepare for larger groups, you’ll find everything you need here.  Take a closer look…:

  • Flours, grains, oats, bran, yeast, spices, cereals, rice (white, brown, long grain), pasta
  • Nuts, granola, popcorn, dried fruit, crackers, pretzels
  • Candy & candy sticks, pie fillings, gelatin, cake mixes, muffin mixes, pancake mixes, donut mix, cookies, chocolate
  • Gluten-free items

Check out some of our favorite bulk food recipes.

Almonds & Assorted Nuts

Bulk Foods

If you have your recipe in hand, we have the perfect selection of nuts to add that extra touch.

  • Almonds, including tasty Supreme NPS, Natural Sliced that are great for baked goods, and Smokehouse Salted
  • Shelled Brazil Nuts that are of course high in protein, calcium, iron and zinc
  • Peanuts, including Dry Roasted, Raw X-Large Blanche, Spanish, and tasty slow roasted X-Large VA Blanche
  • Pecans...are you thinking Pecan Pie?
  • Walnuts, including California Walnuts (that are great for cereal, ice cream & yogurt) plus "ready to add" Walnut Nuggets

A great selection!